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Who doesn't like gifts? If you used something I've written and have some spare cash burning a whole in your pocket...I do enjoy receiving surprises in the mail or email. Or if you're family and it's near my birthday or Christmas...

You can donate via paypal:


Or you can buy a piece of jewelry from my girlfriend Marya Williams


Or you can "vote" for Zina: at or


Or, if you're looking for hosting, try: Network Redux. Or, get your domains (or hosting) via: 1 & 1


You can also check out my Amazon Wishlist (now-a-days, this is mainly for birthday/Christmas gifts).


Appreciations: Joel Bradshaw (Kansas, USA), Jeffrey Weiss, Boomtap Records (Colorado, USA), Hans-Christoph Steiner, Daniel Cunningham (Allentown, PA), Mousset Henri Pierre, Edwin Jones(CA, USA), The Yosts (OH, USA), Daniel Madison,, Tim Neobard (UK), Kai Gouthro, Elliott Friedman, Sutharsan Balasundaram (UK), Kim Tush, RombNet ISP, David Schmid, Hans-Christoph Steiner, Danny Flack, Jeff Bennett, Robin Burnikell, boycrusher, Lon Kaiser, Martin Ruthenberg (x2), and I'm sure there's more I forgot! Thank you!