Zina Changelog - 2.0 Series (Beta)

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2.0 | 1.0 | 0.11 | 0.10 | 0.9

Series Highlights

  • Pure PHP templating system.
  • Clean URL support.
  • Flash player.
  • Live search.
  • Find lyrics and album art from the web.
  • Tag editor with CDDB lookup (if on writeable filesystem)
  • Better integration with CMSs like Drupal, Joomla, etc.
  • Sitemap generation
  • last.fm / twitter.com integration
  • New language system
  • IIS support
  • Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict output

Upgrading from 2.0b13 and earlier

  • WARNING: Joomla and Drupal users will need to resynch their databases and possible remove a stray menu item if upgrading from 2.0b13 and below.
  • If using playlists and a database, you will need to import your playlists from Zina's Settings page if upgrading from 2.0b15 and below.

Upgrading from 1.0

  • Your database can be upgraded within Zina.
  • Your zina.ini.php might not work correctly.
  • cron.php needs to be setup to run regularly (or you have to manually regenerate caches).

v2.0b22 (2010 June 15)

  • NEW: Can now make some directory options via interface instead of actual file
  • NEW: Can rename directories on writeable filesystems
  • NEW: Performance tweaks
  • NEW: Can return regular rss feeds instead of podcasts
  • BUG: If using directory names from tags, will now use those to sort on
  • BUG: Couldn't turn off all random options
  • BUG-IE: Tag Editor greyed out fields weren't apparent
  • BUG-CROME: Scrollbars would appear on flash player pop-up
  • BUG: A few minor others

v2.0b21 (2010 June 2)

  • NEW-CMSes: Option to assign permissions or allow "Editors" the ability to edit certain textual aspects of Zina (e.g. descriptions)
  • NEW: Tag Editor option to skip errors and write tags anyway.
  • BUG: Tag Editor wouldn't always merge existing tags
  • BUG-Joomla: Zina submenus like Genres, Playlists, Statistics could disappear and not be easily recreated

v2.0b20 (2010 May 27)

  • NEW: Title Case Option in Tag Editor
  • NEW: Option to extract images from ID3 tags
  • NEW: Will use lyrics if in ID3 tags
  • NEW: Option to use Album names from ID3 tags
  • UPDATED: German language file
  • BUG[2848867]: Foreign characters near truncation
  • BUG[1878728]: Statistics not updated on download album/selected
  • BUG: PNG image resizing could fail
  • BUG: Some strings not translatable
  • BUG: Will use song titles from ID3 tags in stats
  • BUGs: Tag editor (multiple issues)
  • BUG-DRUPAL: Add taxonomy dependency
  • BUG-WP: Zina could screw-up other pages page titles
    • v2.0b19 (2010 May 16)

      • NEW: Database search will search artist-title if directory is flagged "various"
      • NEW: Can delete files/directories (on writeable filesystems)
      • NEW: Genre pages will respect genre hierarchy (if applicable)
      • UPDATED: German language file
      • BUG: Potential better language support
      • BUG: Cron bug
      • BUG: A few other ones
        • v2.0b18 (2010 May 7)

          • NEW: Tag editor with cddb lookup (if on writeable filesystem)
          • NEW: Minor tweaks to genre/year search
          • BUG: IE play selected bombed on lots selected
          • BUG: IE and flash player didn't always start on first click
            • v2.0b17 (2010 May 1)

              • NEW: Podcast feeds for playlists
              • BUG: Play by year requires certain options
              • BUG: PHP5.3 renamed an option (JPG->JPEG)
                • v2.0b16 (2010 Apr 28)

                  If using playlists and a database, you will need to import your playlists from Zina's Settings page

                  • NEW: Playlist display/aesthetic changes (if using a database)
                  • NEW: Optional playlist statistics
                  • NEW: Play by year
                  • NEW-CMSes: Users can now optionally create their own saved playlists
                  • NEW-CMSes: Playlist statistics block
                  • BUG-WP: Zina should now honor Wordpress password protection.
                  • BUG-JOOMLA: A language file and lyric source file were missing
                    • v2.0b15 (2010 Apr 8)

                      • REGRESSION/FIX: Possible apostrophe problems in file names
                      • NEW/FIX: New lyric source, removed one old, fixed one.
                      • FIX: A few flash player performance fixes.
                      • FIX: Session playlists were wonky
                      • NEW: Pop-up flash player should get focus
                      • NEW: Opt to sort files by ID3 track number
                      • NEW-LANG: Belorussian translation by M.Comfi
                      • UPDATED-LANG: Russian, German
                        • v2.0b14 (2009 Aug 19)

                          WARNING: Joomla and Drupal users will need to resynch their databases and possible remove a stray menu item when upgrading to this release.

                          • NEW/BUG: Language stuff
                          • NEW-JOOMLA: Better integration (each directory an article).
                          • NEW-DRUPAL: Better integration (each directory a node).
                          • FIX: Should play nice with mootools and other JS libraries
                          • NEW: Edit root directory text.
                          • NEW: More lyric sources
                          • FIX: Amazon images now require an amazon developer account (per amazon)
                          • Other things...
                            • v2.0b13 (2009 Jun 8)

                              • BUG: Google album/artist images was broken
                              • BUG: Saving settings in CMSes may throw PHP notice errors
                              • NEW: Ability to override settings on a directory by directory basis
                              • NEW: Help/Support page for diagnosing common Zina setup issues
                                • v2.0b12 (2009 May 18)

                                  • BUG: More Podcast/RSS fixes
                                  • NEW: Option to bias random song playlists towards unplayed songs
                                  • NEW: Full page category view split alphabetically
                                  • NEW: Option to include other files (e.g. PDFs) in podcasts
                                  • NEW: Option to expand "various" directories in category pages
                                    • v2.0b11 (2009 May 3)

                                      • BUG: sitemap didn't verify (non-Drupal)
                                      • NEW: Optional addthis.com "Share" & "Feeds" buttons
                                      • NEW/FIX: Improved RSS/Podcast feed handling
                                      • NEW: Images in RSS Stat feeds
                                        • v2.0b10 (2009 Apr 24)

                                          • BUG: Couldn't always download files
                                          • BUG: Couldn't play songs from playlist view
                                          • BUG-CMSes: Couldn't create playlists if not using clean urls
                                          • BUG-JOOMLA: Blank page if too many songs
                                          • BUG: Two PHP E_STRICT errors
                                          • NEW: Option to set timezone
                                            • v2.0b9 (2009 Apr 3)

                                              • BUG: Hardcoded table name in stats regeneration code
                                              • BUG: Category ignore sort option didn't work on subdirs
                                              • BUG-CMSes: Lyric and album image opts not shown in settings
                                                • v2.0b8 (2009 Mar 22)

                                                  • NEW: Option to set disposition of Other Media Files
                                                  • NEW: Larger Flash player "Silver" skins
                                                  • NEW-WP: Uninstall for WP 2.7
                                                  • BUG: MP3 File Info not found on 64bit systems
                                                  • BUG: Disabling the search box disabled the Flash player
                                                  • BUG-CMSes: Adding files to playlists broken
                                                  • BUG-WP: Hopefully, Zina won't take over front page on bad activation
                                                    • v2.0b7 (2009 Mar 15)

                                                      • NEW: Option to display lyrics in Flash player
                                                      • NEW: Random Block
                                                      • NEW: Option to save lyrics locally
                                                      • NEW: Option to override locale setting
                                                      • NEW: More complete Brazilian translation
                                                      • BUG: Sub-dir image options were being ignored
                                                      • BUG: Use local paths option was broken
                                                      • BUG: Time based functionality was broken
                                                      • BUG: Typo in time based functionality example
                                                      • BUG: Flash player not in sockCrystal theme

                                                      v2.0b6 (2009 Feb 17)

                                                      • BUG: Badly named Lyric variable caused problems on some set-ups

                                                      v2.0b5 (2009 Feb 16)

                                                      • NEW: Option to find/display lyrics from external sites
                                                      • NEW: Option to find artist/album art from external sites
                                                      • NEW-CMSes: Option to display images in statistic blocks
                                                      • BUG: Flash player pop-up wouldn't start playing on first pop-up in non-Firefox browsers
                                                      • BUG: "Selected" Zip downloads would be sent to Flash player
                                                      • BUG: Album zip downloads would have a .lp appended
                                                      • BUG: Inline Flash player would be cut-off in IE

                                                      v2.0b4 (2009 Feb 9)

                                                      • BUG: Flash player had to load song before advancing
                                                      • NEW: Korean translation
                                                      • NEW: Option to set default directory sort order
                                                      • NEW: Won't try to clean up song titles from ID3 tags (can still override via theme functions)

                                                      v2.0b3 (2009 Feb 8)

                                                      • NEW: Flash player
                                                      • NEW: Read WMA & M4A tags
                                                      • NEW: Can optionally return playlists in xspf format
                                                      • BUG: Remote file plays will be logged in stats
                                                      • BUG: Some character problems may have been fixed
                                                      • BUG: Some RSS feed issues may have been fixed

                                                      v2.0b2 (2009 Jan 11)

                                                      • BUG: Streaming wma/ogg to Winamp with non-clean urls was broke
                                                      • BUG[2494622]: missing genre property
                                                      • BUG[2494617]: Index_rel
                                                      • BUG[2494611]: Other media types query parameter check
                                                      • BUG: Genres array_diff missing argument
                                                      • BUG-Wordpress: Can change permalink
                                                      • BUG-Drupal: Non-clean urls was broke
                                                      • BUG-Joomla: Joomla search link was broke

                                                      v2.0b1 (2008 Dec 9)

                                                      • NEW: Sort options on search results
                                                      • BUG: Minor bug fixes

                                                      v2.0a12 (2008 Dec 4)

                                                      • NEW: mysqli support
                                                      • NEW: XHTML 1.0 Strict output
                                                      • BUG: "Use local paths" wouldn't
                                                      • BUG: Minor bug fixes

                                                      v2.0a11 (2008 Nov 28)

                                                      • NEW: More information on search page (when using database)
                                                      • NEW: More flexible file directory transversal protection
                                                      • NEW: Genre descriptions
                                                      • NEW: Play "selected" random
                                                      • BUG: Wrong "Context" for non-database Live Search results
                                                      • BUG: Cron would update search index on every run
                                                      • BUG: Minor bug fixes

                                                      v2.0a10 (2008 Nov 23)

                                                      • NEW: Live Search
                                                      • NEW: Improved Search
                                                      • BUG: Minor bug fixes

                                                      v2.0a9 (2008 Nov 15)

                                                      • NEW: Clean urls should work with IIS & ISAPI Rewrite
                                                      • NEW: Optional/configable genre hierarchy for random playlists via genres
                                                      • NEW-CMSes: Settings will now be stored in the database
                                                      • NEW-CMSes: Zina's db should be automatically installed/updated/uninstalled per CMS's native mechanisms (if they exist)
                                                      • NEW: Option to use ID3 tags in blocks
                                                      • BUG-Wordpress: Couldn't override block theme
                                                      • BUG: Might not have been able to rename playlists
                                                      • BUG: Utilizing "Other media types" caused a problem

                                                      v2.0a8 (2008 Nov 5)

                                                      • NEW-Drupal: Sitemap integration with XML Sitemap module
                                                      • NEW-CMSes: Will now use CMS database for easier installation
                                                      • UPDATE: Albanian translation
                                                      • FIX: Genre text link in image view
                                                      • FIX: Genre lookahead on artist page was broke
                                                      • FIX: Fake songs included in Podcasts
                                                      • FIX-Drupal: Block links might have been broken
                                                      • FIX-Xoops: Using Blocks might have caused links to be screwy

                                                      v2.0a7 (2008 Oct 26)

                                                      • FIX: Running PHP under CGI should work
                                                      • FIX: Playlist sorting will honor song sorting
                                                      • FIX: RSS returned bad XML under certain conditions
                                                      • FIX-REGRESSION: Not finding some genres

                                                      v2.0a6 (2008 Oct 22)

                                                      • NEW: "Recently Added" Statistic
                                                      • NEW: Option to have image captions
                                                      • NEW-JOOMLA: Integrated component/module/plugin file with auto upgrade (hopefully)
                                                      • FIX: Hopefully, IIS Support will be complete.
                                                      • BUG: Minor bug fixes

                                                      v2.0a5 (2008 Oct 17)

                                                      • NEW: Option to show artist images in category view
                                                      • NEW: Category view configurable on a per directory basis
                                                      • NEW: Optional genre images
                                                      • NEW: Options to sort files by date
                                                      • FIX-JOOMLA: Better admin page integration
                                                      • FIX: Alphabetic category page splits didn't work on subdirectories
                                                      • FIX: Hopefully, better IIS support

                                                      v2.0a4 (2008 Oct 10)

                                                      • NEW: Twitter.com support
                                                      • BUG: Introduced a bug with this mornings release.

                                                      v2.0a3 (2008 Oct 10)

                                                      • NEW: Statistics blocks for modules
                                                      • NEW: Statistics RSS feeds
                                                      • BUG: Minor bug fixes

                                                      v2.0a2 (2008 Oct 5)

                                                      • NEW: Joomla 1.5 component
                                                      • NEW: Wordpress 2.6 plugin
                                                      • NEW: Xoops 2.3 module
                                                      • BUG: Genres not sorted
                                                      • BUG: Minor bug fixes

                                                      v2.0a1 (2008 Sept 27)

                                                      • NEW: Pure PHP templating system.
                                                      • NEW: Clean URL support.
                                                      • NEW: Better integration with CMSes.
                                                      • NEW: Sitemap generation
                                                      • NEW: last.fm integration
                                                      • NEW: Language system
                                                      • NEW: Logged in users can change their votes
                                                      • NEW: Categories can be split alphabetically
                                                      • NEW: Better RSS/Sitemap support
                                                      • NEW: Can now stay logged in
                                                      • NEW: Lots of other small things...
                                                      • NEW: Tons of code clean-up

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