Thai Food

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Thai food rocks. Most of these recipes were trying to emulate my favorite Thai restaurant in San Francisco: Thai House on Noe and Henry. But it closed. Sad.

Thai Tea Ice Cream

There's not too many things better than Thai Ice Tea or ice cream. So why not combine them?

Thai Ice Tea

Thai Ice Tea is the bomb. I find it impossible to go to a Thai restaurant and not order it.

Thai Panang Curry

Panang is easily my favorite Thai curry. Most vegetables and fish combinations work well with curry. Small variations can easily add some complexity. Thai curries are a breeze to make. Serve over Jasmine rice. Yum!

Thai Peanut Sauce

Peanut sauce "anything" is my favorite Thai dish. You can judge a Thai food restaurant on their sauce alone. Unfortunately, they're usually bland and watery. Not this one.

Tom Kah Soup

I'm not really much of a soup person. But I love Tom Kah. Sour and spicy.