Bourbon (and Rye) Tasting VI

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After last time, I was determined not to get shut out of the final round. So I pulled a John and snuck some rye in. I also picked a high-proof bourbon (knowing John's a sucker for the heat).

Attending: John, Ryan, Marya and Fuggles!

As usual, we did this as blind as possible. John and I brought four unknowns. Marya poured. Then I mixed them up. We didn't know what anything was until it was all over.

The Lineup

Round One

Ryan John Marya

Four Roses and Knob Creek moved on. Although it should be noted the Prairie Reserve was very close. The Kings County was unanimously unloved.

Round Two

Ryan John Marya

Whistle Pig and Masterson's moved on.

Winners' Round

Ryan John Marya

The Winner

Four Roses SB PB - OESK. I love me the OESK. I can't pick it out when I'm drinking it blind, but I always pick it towards the top. I guess it doesn't matter so much the barrel or proof, either.


The interesting thing about this tasting was the similarity in our pickings. We both brought the Knob Creek. We also both brought over-priced, over-hyped, sourced Canadian rye packaged as American. It was also interesting how the Knob Creek (BevMo) was more well received in the tasting than the Ledgers pick.

Also, I guess I need to accept I like Rye. And I swore I'd never buy Whistle Pig. Or young bourbon again. Or gimmicky cask finishes (again). Dammit.