Bourbon Tasting V

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We finally managed to only bring four bourbons each. This was a good thing because we could enjoy a few drinks of the good stuff at the end. Which, unfortunately for me, all happened to be from John.

Attending: John, Ryan, Marya and Fuggles!

As usual, we did this as blind as possible. John and I brought four unknowns. Marya poured. Then I mixed them up. We didn't know what anything was until it was all over.

The Lineup

Round One

Ryan John Marya

Forged Oak and Elijah Craig BP moved on

Round Two

Ryan John Marya

High West RR MB and BTEC moved on.

Winners' Round

Ryan John Marya

The Winner

High West Rendezvous Rye (Binnie's Manhattan Barrel)! This, um, rye, had a unique floral aroma and subtle fruity notes that stood out. The taste was extraordinary. This release doesn't get much hype with the critics, so if you see it, pick up a bottle. The Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (128) was a close second.


Well, the most amazing thing was how much we were in agreement. I don't think that has happened since we started tasting blind. Also, all the picks in the final round were John's. And young bourbon is pretty bad.