Mini Bourbon Tasting 2.5

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The dilemma: how to do a blind tasting if everyone is drinking? So, Marya and I did a test run. I put all my open bourbon in the kitchen. I labeled the bottom of glasses with symbols and papers with matching symbols (folded so symbol is not visible). I left the kitchen. She picked and poured and wrote the items on the paper and put them some where. I came in, changed the order and marked the glasses with letters.

So I didn't know what we were drinking at all and she didn't know the placement.

Attending: Marya and Ryan

The Line-up

  • Four Roses Single Barrel LE (OESK) Ludwigs
  • John J. Bowman Single Barrel
  • Michter's Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon
  • Woodford Reserve Double Oak

The Results

  • 1. Four Roses
  • 2. Bowman
  • 3. Woodford RDO
  • 4. Mitcher's
  • 1. Mitcher's
  • 2. Woodford RDO
  • 3. Bowman
  • 4. Four Roses


What did we learn? Blind tasting is fun. Marya likes wood. Mitcher's toasted barrel is one of the, maybe, four bourbon's I've had that I think are god-awful.