Ibis Unclefester

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Current Setup

Current Setup

Marya and Ryan's Ibis Uncle Fester Tandem. We got this used from a very nice man from Sebastopol. It's easily the best bike purchase I've ever made. We ride Uncle Fester at least once a week when the weather's nice. We've taken him on a mini-tour and Marya's made him a custom head badge. That's love. Although on longer rides, our butts hurt, so no long touring for Uncle Fester!

  • Adopted: December 18, 2003
  • Frame: Ibis Uncle Fester
  • Size: 19" / 17"


  • Handlebars: Nitto Noodle
  • Saddle: Brooks Champion Flyer


  • Saddle: Terry Butterfly

More to come...