Santa Cruz to Portola Redwoods

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July 21, 2004

I can't remember why I took a photo of Marya making breakfast. I'm sure it was amusing. Maybe she'll remember.

What I remember most about this day was our descent into Portola Redwoods. So, we actually bought an Arai drag brake for Uncle Fester, but he's so heavy as it is and the brake is pretty heavy itself, so I never installed it. Besides, we'd never really needed it before. But the descent down into Portola Redwoods is very steep and wind-y. My hands were aching, the brakes were squealing, and Uncle Fester just kept wanting to go faster and faster. All I kept thinking about was: my rims are going to overheat and I'm going to have a blowout and I still won't be able to stop.

But we made it. And it was worth it. More redwoods! But the racoons are very agressive here. They will steal your food!