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When we got back we slept and ate extremely well for several days.

Later that week we rode to Ryan's mom's work in San Rafael to pick up all the stuff Ryan had left with her when we were in Manton [and Amy's chocolate bunny]. We were feeling pretty tough, but when we rode through Sausalito we met another bicycle tourist, a teenaged boy, all loaded down with gear. I didn't want to be condecending and ask how old he was, but he looked so young! He still had braces. He was from Sacramento and had ridden to Monterey via the Santa Cruz Mountains already, and was heading up to Oregon on Highway One. He was all by himself and it did not seem like he had toured before, he was just going for it! We told him about the wind on Highway 1, and he seemed to know about it, but he was still going to go that way. The whole purpose of his trip was to see the Ladybird Johnson Memorial Grove up in the redwoods because someone had once told him how beautiful it is. We thought he was rad and way tougher then us.

We are already trying to get time off from work to go on another vacation because we had so much fun on our first ever big trip.


* Bike Riding, Photographs: Amy and Ryan
* Most Text: Amy
* Most Photo Captions, Website: Ryan

Thank You

* Ryan's family for graciously hosting our visit to Manton.
* The Barrons of Manton for giving us a tour of their ranch.
* Andria and Henry for loaning us camping gear.
* All our co-workers at Arizmendi Bakery for covering our shifts while we were gone.

Trip Sponsors

* Bud Lite: No matter where you go, no matter how remote, there on the side of the road you will find an empty can of Bud Lite.
* Generic Advil: When you absolutely, positively, just have to get somewhere.
* Blistex: Because Ryan really needed some new lips.

Contact Us

* Amy: amyhapp at mindspring dot com
* Ryan: ryanlath at pacbell dot net