My, My Metro Century

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Like many of my rides, this one wasn't planned. I had always wanted to do a century, but had never gotten around to it. On this day, I was a little pissed off and just started riding and riding and just kept going. San Francisco to Samuel P. Taylor to Marshall to Novato to San Rafael. About 108 miles door-to-door.

Of course, after doing this, I was inspired to do my 200k Brevet a few weeks later. You'll notice I skipped most of the urban riding through Novato and San Rafael on that one. It's not bad, but I think I like it for nostalgic reasons: I grew up there. But the ride from the Cheese Factory down into Novato, I've always found fun. It's like a nice downward grade for blaze with very little effort. I used to ride it alot when going to my mom's.